Get Easy Solution To Fix Problems with Gmail App

Is your Gmail app not working on your Device? I understand that it can be annoying to find issues with your email account. It literally stops all the work if you are using Gmail for official and professional purposes.

When I installed the Gmail App on my phone thinking that this would make sending emails easier. But, instead of being helpful to me, it invited more troubles in my life. Other than the usual Android app issues, there are a lot more problems that I have faced. Finally, after a lot of researching on multiple websites, I found the relevant solutions for my Gmail glitches.

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Get Rid Of Your Gmail App Not Working Easily…

Here, you can look for your relatable concern and try them accordingly. From Gmail not sending and receiving emails to more significant issues, all of them can be resolved by these easy to follow methods.


Update Gmail Application

Firstly, check if you are using the latest version of Gmail app on your phone. The Gmail older version had a few backlogs that have been fixed in the recent version of Gmail. So, update your Gmail app to enjoy the new features of the latest version and get rid of the Gmail app not working issue.


Click The Restart Button

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Restarting the device often resolves most of the app issues. Therefore, switch off your phone or tablet and switch it on again. Analyze is something that you can try initially as the simplest solution for any of your app issues.


Check Your Phone Settings

Right after facing an error with your Gmail app, you should always check all the settings if they are set correctly. Take a look at your Gmail sync settings and phone settings and change them accordingly to make Gmail work on your device.


Clear Your Phone’s Storagegmail app problems

If you are having a problem with your Gmail syncing, it might be because of the low storage space on your phone. Remove the unnecessary apps, delete the data that you don’t use anymore. Once your phone has enough space in its memory, it tends to decrease most of the app issues.


Make Sure You are Putting The Correct Password

In case, you are facing issues like “Username and password not accepted” or “invalid credentials,” you should definitely try this initially. Check if you are trying to enter with the correct password. When you are using the 2-Step Verification, make sure you are giving your app password instead of your regular password.


Remove Gmail Information

This is one of the most effective methods to remove the Gmail App not working issue immediately. But at the end of this procedure, you might lose your data, signature, ringtone and other settings. First, open your device’s settings, click ‘Apps’ and then ‘Gmail’. Now, tap on the ‘clear data’ and select OK. Restart your device to enjoy the better performance of your Gmail account.


Still Stuck With The Gmail Error?

Try all these solutions as per your concern and fix your Gmail app not working problem. In case, you are still not able to find any positive result in your mailbox, contact our Gmail Support Number: +1-833-688-9583  immediately for better clarification. They have their experts there to analyze your app glitch.

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However, reach out to me through the comment section and let me know if you could resolve your Gmail app not working. On the other hand, if you have some more solutions to share, write back to me for that as well.