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A lot of different problems can affect your favourite Google Chrome browser out of nowhere. Chrome errors are quite standard and can nullify your trusted browser’s capabilities to zero. These are system and browser related problems and also sometimes virus attacks limiting activities. If you too are facing Google Chrome not working errors this comprehensive guide is probably what you need.

google chrome not working

The worst part about these problems that most are not limited to just a single platform. Chrome errors are standard on every platform including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. So let’s move ahead and take a look at some of the more popular ones.


A Comprehensive Guide To Google Chrome Errors

As already mentioned, Google Chrome errors are pretty prevalent and can also happen anytime. These are some of the more common ones that users face.


Chrome Error Network Access Denied

Google Chrome error message ‘ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED’ is something that almost every user face. Furthermore, network connection errors are widespread as they can be triggered by some reasons out of the blue. The error message is prevalent especially for users accessing Chrome from Windows systems. Check the list below for the common causes.

Google Chrome error access denied



  • Firewall settings
  • User account permissions
  • LAN settings
  • Problems with cookies and cached memory and etc

Keeping an eye on these settings should resolve the issues and give you access back to the web. Also, restart Chrome after changing settings to confirm the solution.


Google Chrome Error Proxy Connection Failed

Are you encountering error messages like “Unable to connect to the proxy server – ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED” when trying access a particular or set of websites? If yes, no reason to worry and scratch your heads. This is known issue and also not too complicated to resolve; changing vitals in the required places will fix the problem in no time.

Chrome Proxy settings error


What causes Google Chrome Proxy Connection Errors?

  • Irregularities with Google Chrome Proxy Settings
  • Malware/Virus attacks
  • User Account permissions related problems
  • Internet/Data connection settings and more

Keeping Chrome Proxy settings optimized as per necessity is essential to avoid problems like Google Chrome Not Working errors and also have constant access to the web.


Dealing With Google Chrome Android App Crashes

chrome not working on android phone

Although issues, still Gmail app related problems are pretty standard. Android app crashes are often triggered by issues related to system issues and also at time access related problems. To Gmail android errors you can try to re-install the app and retry the same process all over again. If you want more information about the problem, check out the list of known causes below.

Causes of Gmail Android App Errors and Crashes

  • Problems installing pending updates
  • The device running low on storage
  • Virus infections
  • Android system errors
  • Unstable internet connection and more


Google Chrome iOS App Error

Just like Android, you can use your favourite Chrome browser even on your Apple mobile device.  Again similarly to the Android version, the Gmail iOS app has an extended range of issues. Re-install the application and check whether you are still facing the same issue. Reinstalling the application should remove all existing errors and also give you easy access to the web anytime and anywhere.


google chrome ios errorGoogle Chrome Update Error

Update related errors are also another prevalent issue that users search the web looking for solutions. The worst part about Chrome update errors? The problem is well documented on multiple platforms. Again, I have listed down some well-known reasons why you may face problems with Google Chrome updates.

Common reasons for Chrome Update Errors

  • Internet connect too slow or unstable
  • Low storage space available (Android and iOS devices)
  • Firewall interventions and more


Resolving Chrome Not Working Errors – EndNote

Fixing Google Chrome Not Responding errors can sometimes feel too a laborious or too complicated a task for many users. With a little bit of patience, you can fix them on your own. Also, if you feel you are not tech-savvy enough, you can always contact our Google Support team at our toll-free number: +1-833-688-9583  for help.