Canon Printer Not Printing: Everything You Need To Know

Canon is one of the most renowned electronic companies that develop different technical products including PC and printers. These printers are used by connecting with a computer via the standard USB cable to print any document. However, if the Canon printer not printing any document that is transferred by the computer, it is necessary to find the factors causing it.

Therefore, through his article, we have come together with some of the most accurate fixes that will help you to get rid of the Canon printer not printing black error in your device. Also, we will be focusing on some of the most probable reasons that can cause this particular issue in your device. Hence, we recommend you to have a read below to get them all.

Reasons For The Canon Printing Issue

So, before you move on to the solutions, we want you to be aware of the various factors that can cause this issue with Canon printing device. Though there are a number of reasons that can influence the printing issue in your Canon printer, we will be discussing some of the most apparent ones in this article.

  1. The very first reason for the printing error in your Canon printer can be low ink level in your printing device.
  2. Also, you won’t be able to print if you using the faulty Canon cartridge.
  3. Another probable reason for the same issue includes the printer head filled with dirt in your Canon printer device.
  4. Besides, you can won’t be able to print anything if you do not install the latest version of your printer driver.
  5. Also, if you use the wrong size of paper to print, you will experience the same error.
  6. Apart from that, the incorrect layout settings can lead to the same error in your Canon printer.
  7. Also, there can be a fault with your Canon printing device itself as well.

Simple Hacks To Fix Canon Printer Not Printing

Now that you know the various reasons that can cause an error when to try to print in your Canon printer, you can proceed with the solutions. Several top-notch solutions are there, following which you can easily remove the technical glitches from your Canon printer. Hence, we recommend you to have a look right below to get them all.

Solution 1: Repair Your USB Cable

The PC unit sends the print request mentioning the document that the printer should print. Check if the USB cable is connected properly between the computer and printer. If there is a loose connection in either the computer or your printer, the print request will not be sent to the printer.

Solution 2: Refill The Paper Tray

Fill the paper tray of the Canon printer. If the tray does not contain any sheet, then the printer will be unable to produce any hard copy. So, employ the printer with the necessary number of sheets on it. Finally, check if it is helpful in eliminating the “Canon printer not printing” issue or not. In case you fail to achieve a successful result, go to the next technique.

Solution 3: Check The Settings

Unlock the document that you want to print from your computer. Next, choose the Print tab. Then click on the printer selection and select the Canon printer option on your computer. Unless your Canon printer gets selected, the computer will fail to transfer the software-document to the printer. As a result, you will see the Canon printer not printing any file at all.

Solution 4: Upgrade Printer Driver

Install the drivers for your Canon printers. Because without the correct printer drivers, the print cannot happen. Otherwise, it is impossible for the computer to send the print request. The CD that comes along with the hardware contains the printer drivers in it. So, insert the CD into your computer and follow the instructions of the installation wizard that prompts on the screen.

Solution 5: Check The Ink Cartridges

Sometimes due to use of the old or empty ink cartridges inside the Canon printer, the “Canon printer not printing black” alert pops up. Therefore, try filling the inkjets that are running out of ink. Also, replace the invalid cartridges (if any) with the new one. Then try to print any random document from the computer as a test print.

Therefore, these are some of the most important fixes for the printing error in your Canon printer. Hence, we recommend you to implement these methods to get rid of the issue in no time.

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