How To Fix Brother Printer Drum Error ?

In case you are getting the message of Brother printer drum error, it usually means that you have to replace the old drum with a new one in your printer. A drum is a consumable unit inside the printer that you need to change after using three of the toner cartridges.

If there is an issue with the drum unit, you can replace it with very simple instructions and hence, also resolve the error effortlessly. However, the instructions on drum replacement vary according to the printer model.

What Is Brother Printer Drum Error?

Before discussing Brother printer drum error, let’s find out what this drum replacement is and why this error occurs in the printer.

A drum unit is an important unit in your printer that maintains the printer performance. But it requires replacement after a certain usage time. However, unlike toner cartridges, the drum doesn’t need a replacement that often, but after using 3 to 4 cartridges in total.

The printer drum, which is a metallic cylindrical green unit, can carry static electrical charges in its body. These charges attract toner powder and carry it from the cartridge unit to the paper for further printing purpose. The drum unit is located near the toner cartridge and sometimes you may even find these attached to one another.

Reasons Behind The Drum Error

Some manufacturers provide chips on printer device units such as toner cartridge and drum units. With the help of these chips, these printer units can work along with the printer after proper installation. However, there are a few compatible and authentic Brother printer drums that lack these chips.

So, if your drum unit doesn’t have a chip attached to it, it may not be compatible with the Brother printer sometimes. Hence, your printer may generate this message of Brother printer drum error, as it assumes that there is no drum inside or its time to get a new one.

After knowing the causes, now let’s focus on the easy solutions to fix the issue on your own. It is described in the next section.

How To Fix Drum Error On Brother Printer?

It might happen that, due to several reasons, you are facing this type of error with your device. But can fix this error using two different method. They are listed below. To know how to fix drum error on Brother printer, go through these following instructions as provided below and troubleshoot the error on your own.

Method 1: Removing And Replacing The Drum Unit

Once you encounter this kind of errors with your device.Then at first, try to replace the drum unit using the steps mentioned below.

  • Remove the front cover when the printer is ON.
  • Take out the drum as well as the ink or toner cartridge from the printer.
  • Spot the ‘green’ lever lock and push it down to detach the cartridge unit from the drum.
  • Attach the new drum to the toner cartridge by locking it down properly.
  • Gently slide the green button to clean and fix the corona wire within the drum.
  • Place both the drum and cartridge unit inside the printer.
  • Once done, try to restart your printer and print a test page.
  • After successfully printing a test page then try to rest the front cover of your printer.

Once done, try to check whether you have completed the troubleshooting process or not. If not then you can also go through with the alternative option given below.

Method 2: Clean Out Corona Wire

If you can’t fix the issue using the previous step, you can also try to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. After starting the troubleshooting process, you have to open the front cover of the  printer as well as have to remove the drum and toner gently.
  2. After removing the toner and the drum place them in a paper, because sometimes it also can happen that, toner spills in the table.
  3. Now, slide the blue tab of your printer smoothly for some time.
  4. After sometime, slide back the blue tab again in to the original position of it. In that case, make sure that, the blue tab fits on your printer outlet after you replace the drum and toner in the assembly. If you can’t place the tab correctly, then it can happen that, it will print vertical stripes. So, make sure that, you have placed the tab correctly.
  5. In that case, while you are dealing with the cleaning process of the drum and the toner cartridge, you will be able to see three pieces of metal rods. Now, try to take a dry cloth to clean the rods gently.
  6. After that, reinstall the parts. Also close the front cover.
  7. Once done, try to check whether you have fixed the issues or not, If not then you have to change the drum.

Here are some expert provided guidance, using which, you will be able to fix the issue on your own. If not or if you have any further queries related to this particular matter than,you can leave a comment in the comment box. In every cases, it is recommended try to follow each and every steps carefully. It is recommended not to skip any one of them .Otherwise, you won’t be able to fix the issue on your own. In some cases, you can also contact experts who can guide you for further.

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