Epson Printer Not Printing Colors Correctly? Try Out The Simple Fixes

Epson printers are quite famous among the users for offering exclusive printing at a very low cost. Along with time, Epson has come up with a wide variety of printers with enormous printing features. But that doesn’t mean that these printers are completely flawless. Epson printer not printing colors correctly is one of the major problems that many of the users have complained about. In this article, you will find out some effective solutions to get rid of this problem completely.

Technical problems are bound to appear on each of the devices. And unless you fix that glitches, it might create several complications to your machine. In case your Epson printer printing wrong colors, following the steps mentioned below should resolve the problem. In that context, our Epson Printer Support team has provided some necessary details on this particular error. So you can get rid of this problem as soon as possible effortlessly with the right solutions.

Find Out Why The Epson Printer Not Printing Colors Correctly

Before we dive into the solutions directly, we have to look into the causes that causing Epson printer color issues. Keeping that in mind, we have mentioned a few possible reasons here, to make things easier for you.

  • Probably, you have configured the printer driver settings and selected Black as the default color.
  • If the application that you are using is not compatible with the colors, this problem won’t be an alien to you.
  • Also, if you have set PhotoEnhance in the printer driver, you may encounter this specific error

Solutions To Fix The Color Issues In Epson Printer

Fixing the issue on your own might take a great deal of time and risk factors cannot be ignored as well. Hence, you can follow the solutions in order to get rid of the “Epson printer colors off” problem with ease. So, let’s start performing the expert provided solutions.

Method 1:Configure The Printer Driver

In case you have mistakenly selected Black as the default color in the printer driver section in settings, this issue might occur. In that case, you have to change the settings from Black to Color and check if the problem still exists. To perform the action, try to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to the start button and in the search box type “ printer” and hit Enter to continue.
  2. Now, select the printer settings option from the right-hand side of your printer.
  3. After that, invoke in the  “devices and printers” by selecting the particular option.
  4. In the section, place a right click on the printer to select the printer properties.
  5. In this tab, you will be able to see the option “ Advanced”. Tap on that option to open it.
  6. In this section, you will be able to see the options using which, you have to change your printer defaults. From that option, change the default color from black to color.
  7. Once done, try to restart your printer and check whether you become successful to print the page or not.

If you can’t overcome this issue, using the steps, you can try to go through the next step mentioned below.

Method 2: Make Sure The Application Supports Color Printing

If the application that you are using doesn’t have the color printing facility, it is quite natural to come across this error. So the first thing you need to check, the application settings, to ensure that it is appropriate for color printing. In that case, try to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. If you are using  Microsoft Word, Publisher, or PowerPoint: go to the file and select the printer name.
  2. Now, tap on the option named “ printer properties from the printer name.
  3. After that, open the printing option tab.
  4. At the extreme bottom side of your screen, search for the output color.
  5. Here, you will be able to see whether your application supports color printing or not. If not then go through with the next step to overcome the issue on your own.

Method 3: Disable PhotoEnhance

Basically, the main job of this specific feature is to correct the brightness and contrast of the original image. Therefore, it is probably not applicable to printing vivid images. In that case, you should disable this feature and make sure it is creating no more difficulties while printing color images using the steps mentioned below.

  1. In your Windows 10,  go to the start menu.
  2. In the search bar, type photos. And open the photos application.
  3. In the photos applications, you will be able to see an option showing “ viewing and editing settings”.
  4. In this settings,  from the turn on or off the enhance option, turn off the enhance option.
  5. After performing the whole action close the photos application and try to print your document. Your problem will be fixed.

Hopefully, using these expert provided hacks, you will be able to fix the printing issue on your own. If you can’t or if you have any further questions then, you can leave a comment in the comment section. And in every case, it is recomended try to follow each and every step carefully, it is recommended not to jump any one of them.

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