Fix Epson Printer Not Printing Problem With Instant Hacks

Epson printer not printing is the most common problem with Epson printer users. Epson printer may fail to print if there is not enough ink in the cartridges. Even when ink is available, Epson printer will not print if the ink level is low. A faulty cartridge or printer is a rare cause of such an issue. This article is a complete guide on why Epson printer won’t print along with the remedial measures.

Apparent Causes Of Epson Printer Not Printing

So, before you move on to the solutions, we want you to be aware of the various factors that can influence printing error in your Epson printer. There can be multiple factors that may result in the printing error. So before we get into the solutions, let’s introduce you to some of the possible reasons behind the matter.

  • The problem can occur if the pages you are using for printing requires more ink than the standard metric.
  • Clogged nozzles in the printhead can be responsible for low yield of cartridges. Epson printer has reduced the diameter of the nozzle for enhancing the printing quality. The small diameter leads to a clog easily.
  • The problem can arise if you are not using Original Equipment Manufacturer’s cartridges. A third-party seller will not give you genuine cartridges.
  • Ink can clog in the printhead, or air bubbles can accumulate in the ink cartridge. Hence, when you print, instead of ink droplets, air bubbles will come out forcibly from the cartridge and will give you faint prints.

Simple Ways To Fix Epson Printer Not Printing

Now that you are well aware of the multiple reasons that can cause this error in your Epson printing device, you can proceed with the solutions. These are a few easy tricks that you can apply to resolve the Epson printing glitch. After trying out all the solutions on your own, check if the printing issue persists.

Solution 1: Check The Estimate Ink Level

So, this is the very primary method that you should implement to get rid of the printing error in your Epson printer device. When your Epson printer reaches the estimate ink level, it stops printing pages. Thus, you get the blank pages every time you try to print anything. So, before you start fixing the error you should check your Epson printer’s estimate ink level. If it gets low, you need to get more ink to it. Then, you can check if this helps to resolve the error.

Solution 2: Replace Ink-Cartridge

Use a different set of pages which require ink of standard metric and take a print test. Also, if your cartridge has the feature to show the ink level, then use it to check the ink volume. Replace the empty cartridges or the cartridges with low ink level. Now check if the problem is still arising.

Solution 3: Clean The Printhead

Open the lid to check whether there is a clog in the printhead. If you find a clog, remove the printhead from the printer and clean it manually. To ensure the safety of printhead, run the automatic printhead cleaning feature and fix the printing error.

Solution 4: Restart The Printer

After installing new cartridges, remove the tape over the vent. If you see a clog inside the vent, clean it gently with a proper tool. You can also call our experts to look into the matter. You can turn off the printer, remove it from the power source and disconnect the USB cable from it. Wait for a few moments then power on the printer and take a test print to make sure that it has solved the problem. Though this trick does not work for every Epson printer, you can try it.

Solution 5: Check Wireless Connectivity

This is another method that you should try to fix the Epson printer won’t print issue with your Epson printer. If your Epson printer refuses to connect to the WiFi, you can get the printing issue. So, make sure that there is no issue with your wireless connectivity. Moreover, you can fix the error by resolving the wireless connectivity with your Epson printer and the network you are using. Then, you can move to the next step.

Solution 6: Remove Antivirus Or Firewall Programs

Also, the antivirus application installed in your device can influence such an error in your Epson printer. In most of the cases, the antivirus application or firewall installed in your device interrupts connectivity with your computer device and that of the Epson printer. Hence, it is important that you uninstall the antivirus software from your device temporarily to resolve the error. Then, you can check if this method helps to resolve the error.

Solution 7: Reconfigure Your Epson Printer

Apart from that, the wrong configuration of your Epson printer can also wind up displaying the “Epson printer not printing anything” error notification. Hence, you can reconfigure your Epson printer to get rid of this error.

Therefore, these are some of the most accurate fixes that are already proved working for many Epson printer users. Hence, we recommend you to implement all the mentioned solutions to get rid of the Epson printer not printing issue with ease.

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