Epson Printer Won’t Scan Issue |Resolve With Easy Fixes

Epson is one of the globally recognized brands when it comes to printers. While using Epson printers, users may go through some severe technical glitches. Epson printer won’t scan problem is also one among them. Sometimes the glitch might be with the scanner itself, or sometimes the printer may be faulty. You may refer to the rest of the article to know what key measures you should take to resolve the printer issue.

But, before that, the main thing that you should keep in mind is the reasons. Acknowledging the speculations behind any technical glitch is extremely important. So, you need to figure out the ideas first to combat the issue in a better way. Take a look at the reasons that might be the reasons why are you facing the printer issue.

Why Do You Frequently Face Epson Printer Won’t Scan Problem?

  • There can be an issue with the scanner which may lead you to the point of generation of Epson printer won’t scan to computer issue.
  • The issue can be with the printer setting which can cause the scanning issue in Epson printer.
  • There can be a problem with the device manager which may sometimes cause you the error while using an Epson printer.
  • If your scanner software does not work up to the mark, you may occasionally face Epson printer scanning problems.
  • There can be an error in the application settings which may lead to the generation of faults while you try to start the Epson scanner.

Here is an overview of the causes that might lead to the generation of Epson printer won’t scan issue. Scanner issues are widespread among Epson users and hence the users are desperately looking for solutions. But, one thing they forget all the time are that of the causes. The answer always lies within the problem. So, if you understand the reasons accurately, then solving the issue won’t ever be a challenging task for you anymore.

How Can You Combat Epson Printer Won’t Scan Issue?

Here you will get to see some useful hacks to solve the problem. Keep an eye on the next section:

Step 1: Restart Your Epson Printer

To start off with the main process, first, you can restart your device. There can be a common error in your device which you can fix by restarting the device. Hence, before you begin with some other solutions, we recommedn you to restart your Epson printer and check of this resolves the issue. If you are still experoiecing the same error in your Epson printer, you can move to the nextr step.

Step 2 : Fix Scanner Issues

First of all, you need to check that you have switched on the scanner. Then turn off the PC and also the scanner and make sure that all the USB cable connections are accurate. If the PC is in the standby mode then sometimes the scanner problems arise and hence you should bring it back to the standard working mode and try the scanning operation again. It will surely work.

Step 3: Reinstall The Scanner Software

If you have the Scanner software, start scanning once to check if it works fine or not. Check that whether your operating system is up-to-date.The scanner function disrupts due to updating the OS. Hence, uninstall the scanner software and then install it back again to resume the smooth working of your Epson scanner.

Step 4: Remove Antivirus Or Firewall Programs

Also, the antivirus application installed in your device can present you such an issue in your Epson printer. In most of the cases, the antivirus application or firewall installed in your device interrupts the preformance of your Epson printing device. Hence, it is important that you uninstall the antivirus software from your device for a short time to get rid of the error. Then, you can check if this method helps to resolve the scan issue with your Epson printer.

Step 5: Reconfigure Your Epson Printer

Apart from that, the incorrect configuration of your Epson printer can also lead to the same scan error. Hence, you can reconfigure your Epson printer to get rid of this error. So, we recommedn you to reconfrigure your Epson printer to fix the scan error in your pson printing machine. If you are unaware of the instructions, you can follow the steps given below.

  1. To start off with the process, you need to install the Epson connect printer setup utility in your device.
  2. Then, you will require to agree to the terms and conditions and the End-User Licence appearing on the screen. Here, you have to select the Next button.
  3. Next, you can click on the Install button.
  4. After that, you will get the Finish option to end the process.
  5. Now, you can proceed with your prefered product. Then, you will require to select the Next button.
  6. Now, you need to click the Printer Registration option. Then, you can move to the Next button.
  7. After that, you have to click on the Agree button to agree the terms and conditions. Then again, you need to click on the Next button.
  8. Now, you will be able to see the Register a printer to Epson Connect option. Here, make sure you hit the Ok button.
  9. After that, you can choose to create a new account for your device or if you already have one and willing to use that, you can do either way. So, if you are creating a new account, you can do it and then select the Finish button.
  10. Now, in the new account, you will require to click on the I already have an account option.
  11. Then, you can proceed with the Add a new printer form option.
  12. Next, you need to select the Add option.
  13. Finally, you can click on the Close option.
  14. Then, you can scan your Epson printer and check if you are still facing the same issue.

Therefore, these are some of the most important fixes for the Epson scan error. We recommedn you to follow all of the steps given in this article to get rid of the problem in no time.

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